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Bamboo Lanyard


Event Lanyards are typically made out of polyester, which is just another fancy word for plastic. After you are done using it and decide to throw it away it will lay in the landfill and perish after many days under the sun. 

When the sun hits plastic it breaks down into smaller fragments, these smaller fragments are called microplastics and they contaminate the soil and harm wild life. Microplastics are very small and often get confused as food so fish and birds end up consuming them. This creates the sensation that they are in full when in fact they are not getting the nourishment that they need causing them to starve to death.

Unlike plastic, bamboo is a natural resource. This means that our lanyards composed out of bamboo will biodegrade without contaminating the soil and will not harm wildlife if it gets consumed.


So what are you waiting for?   


GO Green with your LANYARD!

Organic, bio-degradable, re-usable

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